Monday, August 22, 2016

TS4 Custom Content: Paintings_©Jasmine7031

Pictures clickable.

The pictures belongs to ©Jasmine 7031  

Thank you to Mrs. Jasmine7031 for having allowed me to use her pictures.

Copyright-Names/Links visible with the pictures in the paintings section.

(For 8 pictures, I didn't change the size and those are: flowers, byodoin1, sushi, sweet, bf3, sashimi, matcha and oyakodon).

And for the other 6 pictures I changed the size, some have a big size, some have a square size or a long size. I made with the 3D Blender Software.

(Byodoin2, bridge, vegetables, nigiri-zushi, fish and bf4.

Terms of Use

If you use my cc's for your upload house(s), don't add my CC's in your Mods file if you add one with your upload house, please add my name Keyla Sims and the link to the CC's for downloading. Thank you.

2 screenshots with 5 paintings.

Original size (8 paintings)

Size changed (6 paintings)

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  1. Coucou
    Tes images me donnent faim hihihi
    Jolies peintures pour décorer nos maisons sims
    Tu as le nouvel addon ? c'est amusant
    Bon week end et merci pour ton passage sur mon blog